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Mythwar Online

It is a new year. But really the same old year, continued and recycled with unchanged legend of joy. Saga continues. The unknown becomes a living legend because of their heroism and endurance. Gods' voices are heard and leading them to fight and win divine treasures. Festal Treasury has opened its door. Everyone is united to overcome hurdles and win top honor.

Festal Treasury is an 8 storey building with each floor guarded by a cranky aggressive Patron Saint. These eight Parton Saints are patrolling their territory through day and night. You must defeat them before approaching God's treasures. As you go higher, you will find your opponents on each floor become much more formidable.

Every day from January 22nd to January 31st EST (GMT-5) at the designated times.
3:00am to 5:00am, 10:00am to 12:00noon, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Server wide players level 15+
1.Enter Festal Treasury
Talk to "New Year Messenger" in Woodlingor (116,114) 10 minutes before the event starts.
2.Combat monsters
Defeat the Treasury Guard and Patron Saints to get the treasure and receive Honor Points
3.Redeem Honor Points
Go to Luna's Palace(60,33)and have a talk with the Contribution Exchanger.
4. Send New Year's Wishes
1. Each participant must team up with at least two other players after entering the Festal Treasury.
2. You will win 400 Honor Points for killing one Treasury Guard and 800 Honor Points for overpowering one Patron Saint. Player will receive God's Chest for each fight to join. You can break your box open. But gifts inside may be destroyed and you will get nothing. But you will receive some big prize by using a Master Key to open these boxes
3. You will receive a bonus 5% Honor Points for each of the players below level 30 on your team. If there are 5 players below level 30 on your team, you will receive 125% Honor Points. The activation of a Tri-experience Roll will yield an extra bonus of 50% Honor Points.
4. Each of the Patron Saints has limited STA. With one Treasure Guard killed, all Patron Saints will lose 1 STA. With one of the Patron Saint killed, each of the Patron Saints left will lose 10 STA. Patron Saints on the higher floors have more STA.
5. When you are confronting a Treasure Guard, you stand the chance of fighting a Super Guard. You will have your Honor Points quadrupled for the death of each Super Guard.
6. When the Patron Saints on each floor are killed, they will drop Antique Gold Caskets with many good items kept inside.(Only team leaders are allowed to loot these boxes. But teammates can share the items in them.)
7. Festal Treasury is an eight storey building. Because the enemies you are battling against are tougher on the higher floors, the prizes you receive will be increased relatively as you go up.
8. After all the Patron Saints are killed, you can go to the New Year's Fairy to receive an additional 1000 Honor Points. Then the Festal Treasury will be reopened.
9. Every time the event is closed, the floor on which you stop will be saved. Next time you participate, you can start to fight the enemies on the floor saved for you.
10. During the event period, the Bless Fairy will be available for everyone to send New Year's wishes. Everyone has the chance to send New Year's wishes every half hour. You will also get prizes for sending wishes.
Honor Points Exchange
Honor Points Prizes
3000 Honor Points Saint Pet
2500 Honor Points Deity Beast
2500 Honor Points Christmas pet
2000 Honor Points Armour of Dream
1800 Honor Points Level 13 Gems
God's Gift
Deity Beast
Christmas pet
Level 13 Gems
Magical Crystal
2008 chinese new year event
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