Every year on October 31st, Halloween is celebrated. Dozens of people will be dressed in costumes and going to masquerade parties. It is said that on this night of the year, evil spirits are allowed to roam free in Rarus Continent. People had to wear costumes to intimidate and scare them away. In Myth War all participants can use a shapeshifting potion to dress up like ghosts, hang out with evil spirits, or drive them away.

Event Duration
October 24th EDT (GMT-4) to November 2nd EDT (GMT-4)

Players Level 30+ on line 3

Available Quests
Clever and Quick Witted
Participating players must go visit the Witty Jack NPC to answer three questions randomly given. One prize can be chosen from EXP, Gift and Jack O'Lantern to reward participants for answering all questions correctly.

NPC Auto-Refresh Time:
02:00am-05:00am   10:00am-12:00noon  02:00pm-05:00pm(Server Time)

Exchange for Card
Participants can exchange the Jack O'Lantern for Gift package with the Card Exchanger NPC. One prize can be chosen from EXP, Gift package and Alphabet Cards to reward players.

Hunt Evil Spirits
Participants must collect letters to form a word, FIGHT or MONSTER and then pick a fight with some evil spirits. The complete collection of FIGHT means players will fight less powerful evil spirits and rewarded with average prizes, while the complete collection of MONSTER will force you into a fight against much tougher spirits, but with better rewards.

Halloween NPC
·  Quiz Jack
·  Card Exchanger in Woodlingor(130,125)
·  Ghost Hunter in Blython(52,131)

Deity Beast
Blue Chinchilla
Constellation Pet
Armor of Dream
Halloween Gift