Event Rules

1. Event Duration: 2014 Dec 19th - Dec 21st EST(GMT -5)

2. Each Dice Roll uses up 100 MW II Points.

3. Click "Roll Dice" to begin the treasure hunt! Your monkey will move based on the number of points you rolled. When your monkey stops, you'll obtain the treasure prizes found in the spot your monkey has anchored. If you continue to roll the dice until you reach the very end, the ultimate treasure awaits! Surprise loots may be hunted along the way, so stay vigilant and keep a lookout for 'em!

4. Your monkey will return to the starting point if you restart the ship, reached the final point, refresh the page or open a new page without closing the event page.

5. You can redeem your rewards from Mall Promoter in Woodlingor. The rewards will be sent through the mail to your account, please choose the character to receive your items carefully!

6. As many other fellow players will be searching for the lost treasures as well, there may be discrepancies in the prizes shown on the page versus the actual prizes obtained due to network delay. Should such situations occur, please refer to rewards received in Storage Boxes as actual prizes won. Such page errors are infrequent and will not affect the actual treasure hunt.

7. IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of event rules and rewards.