Fog Cave

Quest brief:                                                                                                       

Rumor says treasures beyond anyone's wildest dreams exist in this mystic cave. When initiating this incident, a player is teleported to the mystic cave and must search for the treasure. If that player is leveling away from the keyboard (afk), they are imprisoned.

1. When a player joins a certain amount of combat in a cycle, he/she has a 20% chance to initiate an incident.
2. When a player initiates an incident, he/she is teleported to the Fog Cave. If he/she is in a group, his/her group is also teleported to the Fog Cave. The player in the cave can loot the chests in the cave which may yield Integrals. Looting these chests grants a chance to teleport the player/group back to the former spot. To leave the cave directly, just talk to the NPC in the cave to be sent to Woodlingor.

Eligible players: All players
Rewards: Integrals
Note: A player who leaves the group in the cave cannot loot the chests.