Star Killing

It's been said that a gang of unknown creatures have appeared in an unknown region. They stared at the rich land covetously. They started their invasion with the excuse of a star disturbance made by humans. As a fighter, you have to stop them!

Every hour from 10:00am-11:00pm

10 creatures will turn up in 3 random scenes.
Players can head for the target scene to kill the creatures by checking the system notices.
Players will obtain much money and experience if they win and there is also a chance to obtain Carnelians and Big Diamonds.

At least three players are needed to start this activity.
Every team member should be over level 30.
Players can use any flying items during the activity.



Item Description

Character Exp

The unique element to upgrade pet lvl

Pet Experience

The unique element to upgrade pet lvl


The current money in the game

Big Diamond

Required material for transforming lvl 10- lvl 11 gear