Weekly Events
Treasure of the Ages

Plot Outline
The Titan era came to an end 2400 years after Gods became the ruler of Rarus Continent. War among the Gods destroyed the elf kingdom and left it in ruins. The numerous treasures left behind by the elf kingdom is the dream of everyone on this continent. Many have tried, but all failed. There are many people who've declared that they have the map to indicate clearly where the treasure is hidden. But so far, all the stories about the treasure are only rumors passed down generation to generation. Nobody has ever cast their greedy eyes over the treasure since it first went missing. Do you doubt the real existence of this treasure? Act now to discover it and become its new owner.

Event duration:
 From 10:00am until 12:00noon every Tuesday
 From 3:00pm until 5:00pm every Thursday
 From 7:00pm until 10:00pm every Sunday

 Go to Desert city and look for the Natreasure Seller (x 146, y 263) to get Will Writings and a Treasure Probe.
 Every Will Writings can only be used once. Players must spend 10,000 gold to buy the Will Writings from the Natreasure Seller with a Treasure Probe thrown in for free.
 After using the Will Writings, players will get the coordinates indicating where the treasure is hidden.
 Players can then use the Treasure Probe to find the treasure or start combat.
 After combat, players may be rewarded with high level items.

 Players must form parties of at least three teammates to complete the quest.
 Will Writings and the Treasure Probe can be abandoned. They cannot be traded or given away.
 Each teammate in every party must have a Treasure Probe to complete the quest.
 Only players level 20+ can take part in this event.





Currency used in the game

Super Healing Potion

Used to recover player's full HP

Super mana Potion

Used to recover player's full MP


Used to forge upgraded gear

Level 5 Gem Sack

Including 20 level 5 resistance gems

Bloodstone Gem

Used to reset player's stat points

Special Gols

Currency used in the game


Players may be rewarded with special items which will be 200,000 to 400,000 gold.

 Step 1:Find the Natreasure Seller and buy a treasure map. 

 Step 2: Players form parties of at least three teammates before setting off to discover the treasure.

 Step 3: Players bump into monsters when trying to discover the treasure. 

 Step 4: Players find the treasure and get rewards.