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Promoter Guide
1. Player Promotion System
The PPS was created as the first online game promotion system by IGG in 2007. No matter where you are, you can apply to become a promoter and earn money while playing games.
IGG now commands more than 10 thousand promoters benefiting from PPS, with thousands of promoters earning more than 100 US dollars in a month.

1) How do you become a promoter?
If you have an IGG account, click
here to sign up.

2) What exactly are credits?
Credits for different games have some different functions, see below for details.

For details, Click here
Credits or integrals can be used to join the Fortune Bombing event to obtain rare pets.
Credits for Gold

3) Credits can also be exchanged for US dollars. The exchange rate depends on the promoters' level.
Check below.

Exchange Rate

Gold Promoter (have more than 5000 credits.)

4500 credits for 100 US dollar Promoters with different levels have different exchange rate. For instance, Gold Promoter can exchange credits in blocks of 4500. (4500 credits for 100 US dollar, 9000 for 200 US dollar)

Silver Promoter (3000 to 4999 credits)

2500 credits for 50 US dollar

Copper Promoter (700 to 2999 credits)

1500 credits for 25 US dollar

Note: The credits will have more functions, such as the credits for calendar promotion, iphone, and many more in the future. Stay tuned to for the latest news.

4) Rewards:
Promoters can send the
game links to their friends, if they register with any games under IGG's banner. During the first 3 months they're registered you will obtain credits when the recommended players buy items in our Item Mall. The credits will then be distributed to your accounts.

Bonus Rate

First month

30% of recommended players' consume Item Mall Points. If the recommended player consumes 100 Item Mall Points the first month, you will obtain 30 credits, and so forth.

Second month

15% of recommended players' consume Item Mall Points

Third month

8% of recommended players'consume Item Mall Points

(1). Promoters will not obtain rewards after the first 3 months, so consistently finding new players is essential.
(2). Joining our promotional events can also get you credits.