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Full-mob Card
Encounter twice as many monsters as members of your group when used
Envelop Bag
Redeems 10 cute envelopes when used. Every letter sent will use up one envelope.
Tri-experience Bag
Contains 8 Tri-experience Scrolls, which will be obtained when bag is used.
Bag of Survival
Contains 20 bottles of Devil's Tears; which can be used to help you avoid being attacked by monsters for 30 minutes.
Dragon Bone
Use to increase the growth rate of pets in fights by 0.01 and raise the pet's original stats points of any attribute by 6. It can be applied to each pet 4 times only.
Dragon Eye
Use to increase the pet growth rate by 0.1. It may be applied to each pet only once.
Convenience Store
Opens various shops when used. May be used 30 times only.
Source of Magic
Obtain 999,999 reserved mana and restores full mana after combat when used
Source of Life
Obtain 999,999 reserved health and restores full health after combat when used
Double-Talent Scroll
Obtain double-talent whilst training for the Talent Tutor Quest after using it. Effects will last for 1h
Stone of Manes
Used for resetting pet's stats points and keep pet's level, initial attributes, growth rate unchanged..
Star Stone
Used for resetting pet attribute and keeping pet's level.
Gold Box
To get equipment of materials automatically by using it.
Dragon Medal
Can do the quest to seal the Dragon 40times within a day by using it(Level limit:100)
Diamond Bag
There are 10 Big Diamond in it.
Leather Gripesack
Allows you to use the third and the fourth bag of your backpack for 30 days after used.
Magical Stone
Give it to Liena outside Pet Market to increasing pet's resistance
Constellation Potion
Contains 8 Vials of potions to give you three constellation pets' potions at random.
Reborn Class Flask
Contains 8 Vials of shapeshifting potions to give you into a reborn class at random.
Chamberlaine Invite
Allows you to employ a chamberlaine which can be used for depositing pets and also serves as bank after used