Hero's Tale [Jun 8, 2010]

The celebration of IGG's 4th Anniversary is on its way and it is time for players to prepare themselves for a new round of Myth War II challenges. Heroes, as the leading role in the game should be fully aware of the obstacles that lie ahead and they must work hard to be a part of the legendary tale that will outlive their time. Please stay tuned for more information.

Event Duration

9:30pm to 10:30pm on June 16th EDT (GMT-4)-Phoenix3

9:30pm to 10:30pm on June 16th EDT (GMT-4)-Dragon3


Winners: Super Dragon Stone*3+100 Silver Ingots

Participants: Super Card

Event Targets
All VIP accounts and VIP bound accounts are welcome to participate in this event.

Event Location

Church of Blython

Event Rules:

1. All participating VIP players must sign up first, before June 12th EDT (GMT-4). If you are interested in this event, please sign up here.

2. All participating players must submit their information via the form "Character Name + character level. Sign up!" For example, "Jerry + Level 1-80. Sign up!"

3. After the event starts, the GM will randomly divide all participants into groups of 2 based on their character levels and then announce the group information in the local channel.

4. When it is your turn to PK, the GM will team up with both of you and then appoint a place in the Church for the match.

5. Other players who want to watch the matches are not allowed to disturb the competition, otherwise, they will be punished by the GM.

6. Each round is single elimination, so if you lose once, you are out. The winner will obtain the event rewards.

7. If any of the following situations come up, the offending player(s) will be automatically disqualified.

A. Player's character level is lower than what they submitted.

B. Player's that disobey the GM's instructions or don't accept the GM's judgment.

C. Player's that use any obscene/vulgar/offensive language.

D. Players that don't follow the event rules.

8. The GM will also give away some gifts to participants.

9. The officials will not be responsible for increases in players' Violence level during the PK competition.

10. Each round competition only keep the 5 mins. Neither win this round, they are all lose this round.

11. You are welcome to become a VIP and enjoy all the great services that go along with it. For more info about VIP services and rewards, visit

12. IGG reserves all rights for the final judgment of the event rules and rewards.

The Myth War II Team, IGG