Challenge the Black Dragon Group [Jul 27, 2010]

We will soon be releasing the 3rd Advancement for players, which promises more fun and more surprises for higher level players. After this latest update, players will be forced to confront the powerful Black Dragon Group!

After the 3rd Advancement, a character's appearance will remain the same, but the character's level limit will be increased to Level 164 and the skill degree will be increased to 100 points. This means players will have more chances to complete a greater variety of adventures and grow in strength and power.

By definition, the 3rd Advancement is much more difficult than the 2nd Advancement. However, if you are looking for the ultimate test of your skills, as well as more power, you must challenge and defeat the Black Dragon Group. One quick way to transfer to the 3rd Advancement is to defeat the Black Dragon vanguard and then the whole group. Defeating them will then give you the power necessary to continue tackling ever more difficult quests, and eventually the 3rd Advancement.

Only the strongest warriors will be able to face the dangers that the Black Dragon Group poses and master the skills needed to become a true champion! If you think you've got what it takes, accept this test of your skills and prove it!

The Myth War II Team