[Event] February Forbes (Feb 14 - 16) update [Feb 14, 2014]
Event Duration
February 14th 0:01am to February 16th 23:59pm EST (GMT-5) 
Event Rules
1. One Flame Phoenix, One Golden Tiger, Mystical Fruit*7 (10,000,000 Exp), 3,000,000 gold and AOD+5 will all be yours if you're the one who charges the most gold ingots into your account during this event. The players taking the next 2 spots on the rankings will each be rewarded with One Golden Tiger, Mystical Fruit*4 (10,000,000 Exp), 2,000,000 gold and AOD+4.
We will update the rankings on the official website starting February 17th EST (GMT-5).
Prizes will be mailed out after the event ends. If there is a choice of prizes, please contact Online Service to let them know your choice.
The Myth War II Team