Promotion Carnival for Triple Rewards [Jun 30, 2008]

Dear players,

The long, hot summer is here again. But this time, it's going to be different for IGG promoters. It's going to be a summer of Carnival.

Event Duration: From July 1st to September 30th

Surprise 1: Triple Rewards

All rewards related to the game promotion system will be tripled. That is, 30% points players consume rewarded to promoters in their first month as IGG promoters will be tripled to 90%. 15% points rewarded to promoters in their second month is tripled to 45%. 8% points rewarded to promoters in their third month as IGG promoters is tripled to 24%. Check out the following table for more details.



Bonus Rate


First month

90% of recommended players’Item Mall Points consumption.

If the recommended player consumes 100 Item Mall Points in the first month, you will obtain 90 credits, and so forth.

Second month

45% of recommended players’ Item Mall Points consumption.

Third month

24% of recommended players’ Item Mall Points consumption.


Surprise 2: High level equipment


High level equipment from all games that you are unable to buy with money will be rewarded to promoters only. Check the equipment lists for all IGG games for details.


Equipment List(Click to see)


Surprise 3: Summer Promoter Star

After Sep 30th, we will check the Promoting Star Ranking and the Top 10 promoters will be rewarded handsomely according to their credits. Players with a high promoter rank will have a great chance to win these fantastic prizes!

Event Rewards:

1st Place: : One (1) Sony Laptop Computer

2nd to 4th Place: Three (3) iPod nano MP3

5th Place to 9th Place: Five (5) $100 US Amazon Mall Card


10th Place:  One (1) $50 US Amazon Mall Card

(The pictures are for reference only)


From now on, the IGG promotion system's crazy summer has begun. It's more fun for everyone, and more rewards for you. We're hoping that IGG's promotion system will make your summer better than ever.


IGG reserves all rights for final interpretation of all events and activities for the Promotion System.