My Love-Valentine's Day Screenshot Contest [Feb 5, 2009]

With the sweet smell of roses in the air, love is in full bloom and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. The victims of Cupid's arrow get their chance to speak out their sweet memories with their other halves. We are looking for those beautiful romantic Myth War images. If you have pictures like that in your screenshots holders, you can send them to us. No one can fight the feelings of love. So, come join us in the Valentine's Day Screenshot Contest. Our special prizes will never let you down.

1. Screenshots must be Valentine's Day themed images (eg: screenshots like online wedding ceremonies in the game). Participants can also hand-draw images with a Valentine's Day/MythWar theme. Photoshop or other graphic programs can be used to enhance images.
2. Works must be tagged with 【Valentine's day】+ My Love and posted in the Event Zone by starting a new thread.
3. Works must be original. Any copying or plagiarism will result in a disqualification.
4. IGG reserves the right to publish all submitted works and the sole right to interpret.

Event duration: February 6 to February 17
Judgment: February 17 to February 20

1st prize (one player): Aquarius pet egg
2nd prize (two players): Blue Chinchilla
3rd prize (three players): +13 Critical Rate Gem

Five other participants will be chosen to win our lucky prizes: a rose + a bar of chocolate.

Myth War Online  Team,IGG