1. Visit the MW official website, and enter the Wheel of Fortune event page. Entrants must sign into our website before joining the event.
2. Upon entering the event page, you will select a character to save the reward and complete the character's info. Make sure that the server name and character name are correct in case of any loss of rewards.
3. Charge only 20 points or 100 IGGems once.
4. You can redeem your rewards from Mall Promoter in Woodlingor.The rewards will be sent through the mail to the appointed character's inventory.
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1. Wheel of Fortune will not be playable during maintenance is performed. No points or credits will be deducted.
2. After Wheel of Fortune is closed, relog into our game to get rewards.
3. Watch your mailbox to see whether it's full. If full, the rewards won't be sent successfully or will be discarded.
4. Check your mail often because it is automatically discarded after 15 days. If we've sent a reward notice to you it could be discarded if it is not checked.