FlashGet Instructions

Step 1: Download FlashGet Installation Program

Click on "FlashGet Software";

A window will pop up, click on "save";

Choose a folder to save the installation program then click on "save".

Step 2: Install FlashGet Software

(1) After the download is finished, click on "Run";

(2) Click on "Next";

(3) Read over the Agreement carefully then click on "I Agree";

(4) Click on "Browse..." to choose the folder that you want to install the program in then click on "Next";

(5) Click on "Next";

(6) Click on "Next" again;

(7) Still click on "Next";

(8) Click on "Finish".

Step 3: Use FlashGet to download Game Client

(1) Put your mouse on one Game Client link, right click it;

(2) A download window will pop up; choose a folder in which you want to save the file, then click on "OK".

After the download is finished, you can close the FlashGet software and find the game client to install it.

If you still don't have a Myth War II account, click here to obtain one.